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Hey, I'm Tiffany Godfrey

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit about me...

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About Me

I’m an author, trainer, and wife coach who helps women to strengthen and improve their marriages and relationships through group and online coaching so they can hear God’s voice, and ultimately break their soul ties for good!

My ultimate goal is to help women like you to understand that first of all, you are NOT alone!

I work with different types of women:














Newlyweds: This includes you if you are a young or more mature woman who has been married for up to 5 years and you’re just getting started in your relationship.

Married and Somewhat Settled: This includes you if you are a woman who has been married for between 5 and 10, 20, 30 or even 50 years. Women in this group value their marriage commitment, and want guidance on how to walk in their God-given roles as wives. A woman from this group wants to do this without losing her identity, yet still maintain oneness with her husband and enjoy the marriage as she keeps God first.

Future Wives: These are single women who are looking to be found, are currently dating, or are engaged. A single woman in this category wants to be married, but understands her need to prepare for a new life with her husband before she says “I do.”

I am a certified marriage and wife coach with a passion for women who are open to God’s heart within their marriages and relationships. As a wife, (who’s been happily married), for over 22 years, I understand the challenges that threaten to shake and ultimately destroy the very foundation of every good marriage.








Why a Wife Coach?

I ultimately became a wife coach because I wanted to provide women with something I never had in the early stages of my marriage—a safe place to remind me of God’s love and the reassurance that my marriage, (though challenging at times), would work out and remain intact.


There were many times when I felt alone, left out, and even rejected by my husband. He didn’t do it purposely...


Part of this was due to his personal struggles with pornography addiction. I needed my husband to change quickly, but at the time I didn’t know what I needed to do. (He’s completely delivered from it now. Praise God!)


However, another part was due to my need to overcome and break soul ties from previous toxic relationships I was in prior to our marriage.










I also struggled with guilt, shame, unforgiveness and low self-esteem, among other things. I battled with so many emotions, and while I often prayed for a marriage mentor, or at least someone to talk to, that person never came. In fact, many of the people I wanted to reach out to were themselves dealing with marriage problems, and in some cases getting divorced!



But finally I got a revelation—“I can’t change my husband; I can only change myself.”

My soul caught on fire, and I made this decision to help other women to discover this same outlook. I did this by providing a safe place for women to come, chat, and be transparent without feeling guilty, ashamed, judged or condemned. And as a result, they learned to hear the heart of the God who is madly in love with them.

Through our awesome online community of women who love God and keep it real while being open to God’s heart, we are strengthening marriages and relationships one at a time by getting to the root of issues and offering the tools we all need to break soul ties – not temporarily, but for good!









Want to know more about forgiveness and breaking soul ties?

CLICK HERE to Get an Excerpt from my new book, All Tied Up! The Christian Woman’s Insider Guide on How to Break Soul Ties, Forgive Others, Forgive Yourself and Heal from the Past.


See you later, Tiff

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