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Single, Ladies Is
Online Dating for You?

Your 2-Part Intensive Interview Includes

The Following...

  • Explain what online dating is and discuss...

  • What to expect with the online dating culture in terms of 

    • Which site works best for you

    • How online dating membership sites work

    • Price

  • Share the benefits of online dating

  • Help you to decide if online dating is for you

  • Explain how to handle online dating when you have children

  • How to know if your "match" is the right one for you

  • How to handle dating if you've been divorced

  • How to deal with a potential mate who has been divorced

  • How to spot red flags in a match

  • How to protect yourself during online dating

  • How to pray for the right person

  • What to look for in a man

  • What a good man is looking for

  • What a "bad" man is looking for and what to avoid!

  • BONUS marriage tips

  • And much more!

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