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Need a Wife Coach?
Here's What Ladies are Saying About Tiffany Godfrey!

"I am not one who would traditionally like to attend Sisterhoods but...every relationship that I have...has changed."

Sonya, Married 25 Years

"I felt like I had lost my best friend...        I learned how to talk to my husband, I learned how to be kinder to myself, and I learned how to reconnect with and talk with God..." Alecia, Married 6 Years

"...She leads with both joy and the Word...I have some tips and tricks to move's a very safe place..."

Micah, Newlywed

"I like Tiffany's style of [coaching]. She keeps it real. And she lets you know that and that's what I love about her. She's very transparent."

Martha, Married 33 Years

"Tiffany reminded me that I really need to focus on who I am as a child of the King...recognize my worth and my's been very helpful."

Shellie, Married 12 Years

"This is something that will help you as far as your walk in's a journey you will never forget."

Shakera, Married 2 Years

"Since her course I have found that reading the Scriptures together, praying together, really praying significantly for my significant other has been essential. And I've absolutely see the fruit of it. I've seen my now fiancé, who was my then boyfriend when I started her course. I've seen him change. I've seen him filled with the Spirit...So 10 out of 10 five stars, I highly recommend Tiffany!"
Jalisa, Engaged

"I dealt with low self-esteem. She will really boost your confidence...if you are feeling low trust will get a good dose of energy in her coaching session!"

Tamara, Waiting to Be Found By a Husband

Married Arm in Arm - Image by StockSnap from Pixabay .jpg
The biggest challenges my husband and I struggle with are communication and honoring each other’s needs, all while balancing parenthood, work, and other priorities and obligations. It felt as if we were repeatedly and constantly having the same arguments, and I wasn’t spending enough time with God and His word to understand His will and order.

Participating in Tiffany’s Coaching program has not only shifted the way I view my husband and my marriage, but also how I view myself and my identity in God. Her topics and teachings are completely bible-based, and I always walk away from her sessions with actual scriptures and tools that I can apply in my life and my marriage. She has made me examine some of the deeply rooted issues and insecurities that I didn’t even realize were affecting my marriage and the way I communicate with and treat my husband.

I wholeheartedly would recommend Tiffany’s coaching because her lessons are always rooted in the word. She also keeps it very real and shares her own testimonies and experiences to remind us that we are not alone in what we go through.

If you’re serious about examining yourself and your relationships and going beneath the surface to find healing and freedom in God, Tiffany’s coaching is what you need. 
Dee, Married 3 Years 
"I've learned how to forgive others for what they have done to hurt me and just being a part of the group is a plus to have like minded people, sharing what's going on with them and in their lives and having solutions..."

Joyce, Married 12 Years 
"She gave me options.  [She]  helped me to look into doing things that my husband likes to do, even though I don't, and we're still able to be together and enjoy our time."
Keisha, Married 16 Years 

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